Investment Approach

  • Research intensive underwriting to add value
  • Key focus on alignment of interests
  • Timely and localized decision making
  • Bespoke, “Solution Capital” 
  • Pan-Asian footprint with diversification

Partnership and alignment of interests are at the heart of ADV’s investment approach. In all situations, we strive to closely align ourselves with key stakeholders. Our primary focus is on understanding the needs of entrepreneurs / management in order to provide bespoke capital solutions to meet strategic, financial and business objectives. Our collaborative approach to monitoring our investee company’s day-to-day operations allows us to provide valuable  oversight to its management.

Value creation is a core pillar of ADV’s strategy. We adopt a research and knowledge intensive approach and work with management of investee companies across key strategic areas such as enabling access to organic and inorganic business opportunities in new markets, helping identify and recruit management talent, creating industry benchmarking templates, helping design reporting and management information systems, and helping improve governance structures to enable sustainable growth in scale and scope. Our pan-regional footprint extends to our investee companies and enables them to take advantage of the broader Asian opportunity set.

ADV believes that it is key to have a holistic view on various Asian markets in an increasingly inter-connected world. Individually, these markets can often be volatile with less predictable short-term business and political cycles. Through a regional investment mandate with a pan-Asian footprint, we seek to enforce discipline on our investing process. In our core investment markets of China, India and South East Asia, we have established a fully integrated regional platform with direct presence through offices in four locations – Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Mumbai.